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Building a great company is hard (Crash.co is my current company). And it’s kinda lonely too. I’m pretty open and transparent, and try not to put a spin on our progress and challenges. Still, the vast majority of startup experiences happen between the ears of the founders. You go through so much that no one really knows about. All the things you almost did but didn’t, the things you second guess, the deflating or inspiring conversations with investors or customers, the changes in plan, and the constant effort to manager your own mental game.

I’m sorta tired of keeping it to myself. Writing is my favorite activity and a kind of catharsis.

So every week, I’m going to share exactly where we are, and what I’m thinking and feeling in real time.

This is not a “How to” newsletter. Tons of people have had far more success than me building companies and many great books and podcasts exist with those kinds of publicly consumable tips.

This is a “How it is” newsletter. I’ll be sharing my own, totally subjective experiences as we work to build a truly great company we can be proud of.

I’d love to have you come along.

I’d especially love questions from other founders, aspiring founders, customers, or investors. It better will help me tease out my own thoughts.

I want to do something different with this, so I'm charging $5/month.

The goal is not to make a killing on a newsletter, it's to create a filter so that subscribers are those who are keenly interested in knowing the weekly struggles of startup building, enough to put in a few bucks. I think this will create a better quality audience, and keep me more attuned to what readers find valuable.

I'll write a new issue every Friday.

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