A little help

To make it easier

OK, several people have asked for an easier way to buy the new book, The Inner Game of Startups, which I released on Bitcoin with a limited number of physical editions going to print.

If you’d like to claim a copy (only 100 print editions will be made) without the hassle of obtaining BSV and all that, I’m gonna offer an easier option:

  1. Paypal the $50/book to isaacmorehouse@gmail.com

  2. Email me name and mailing address to send the book when printed

Once you’ve paid, I’ll add you to the list for fulfillment once we do the print run (probably a monthish). You’ll also get the digital version.

Yeah, it’s not as cool as getting a tradeable token that can be redeemed for a book, but for some of you (mom!) I know it’s much easier.

Enjoy your day!


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