A little gift

For career changers or launchers

It’s the holiday season, so why not a gift!

The course we created, “Job Hunting 101”, is about navigating the new world of careers. How to find opportunity. How to sell yourself and win interviews and offers (hint: no resumes needed ever again).

It comes with the tools to implement the approach as well - custom video pitches, a digital skills profile, a job-hunt dashboard, and support from a team who’ve helped launch hundreds of careers.

Whether looking for a new job, a first job, a remote job, a better industry, or freelance clients, check it out. It will help a lot.

Since you’re a subscriber to my stuff, you can use or share a promo code for 50% off. At checkout, just enter:

ISAAC (all caps)

The first 20 people to use the code get the discount.

Get the course here.


PS - Go ahead and share with anyone who could use it!

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