A little help

To make it easier

OK, several people have asked for an easier way to buy the new book, The Inner Game of Startups, which I released on Bitcoin with a limited number of physical editions going to print.

If you’d like to claim a copy (only 100 print editions will be made) without the hassle of obtaining BSV and all that, I’m gonna offer an easier option:

  1. Paypal the $50/book to isaacmorehouse@gmail.com

  2. Email me name and mailing address to send the book when printed

Once you’ve paid, I’ll add you to the list for fulfillment once we do the print run (probably a monthish). You’ll also get the digital version.

Yeah, it’s not as cool as getting a tradeable token that can be redeemed for a book, but for some of you (mom!) I know it’s much easier.

Enjoy your day!


A New Paradigm for Publishing

And how tf to buy this new book

A sat down with the creator of Canonic - a radical new approach to book publishing - and we got into some interesting stuff not just about my newest book, The Inner Game of Startups, but what all this means for the world.

And here are some instructions for those who have no effing clue what BSV is or how to buy a book with it:

Get BSV to get the new book

  • Setup an account on Coinbase if you don't have one yet

  • Buy a few hundred bucks worth of USDC (it's a token pegged to the US dollar)

  • Go to RelayX.com and create a BSV wallet

Good. Now you have a wallet with USDC on Coinbase, and a wallet ready to recieve BSV on RelayX. Then you just need to swap the USDC for BSV.

  • Go to coinshuffle.io

  • Select USDC to BSV

  • Enter the amount you're swapping, click 'exchange'

  • Paste your RelayX wallet address where you'll receive the BSV (in your RelayX app, click "receive" then "copy address"; on desktop click "add funds" then copy address)

  • Paste your USDC address for refund in case swap goes bad (hit "receive" in Coinbase, and copy)

  • Execute the swap

  • Now buy the book on Canonic with a single swipe!

Though using BSV is instant and almost free, no other cryptocurrency is. So you'll have to wait probably ~10 minutes for the swap to execute because Coinbase and USDC are slow, and Coinshuffle will take a fee.

BUT here's the good news. You'll now have a few hundred bucks of BSV in your RelayX wallet, which means you can instantly buy the book, AND you can use a whole bunch of other cool apps and games on BSV.

Thanks for being with me on my journey btw

If you're reading this, I owe you a thanks. I've been blogging, podcasting, Tweeting, publishing books, building stuff and sharing crazy ideas for over a decade now, and all along the way I've had so many amazing people willing to read, listen, like, comment, and share great feedback and stories with me. I do these things selfishly, but of course I get a massive morale boost when I see evidence of a Remnant out there that appreciates and supports it!


So I published a book

Thanks for making it possible!

I turned the 50 entries in this newsletter into a book.

Thank you to the ~50 paid subscribers who made this possible, and all the rest of you who’ve been awesome and supportive and inspirational along the way!

It’s pretty cool too that the book is on the blockchain so it will live forever decentralized in digital form, and we’re doing 250 print editions too for those who want one!

You can check it out here. It can only be purchased with BitcoinSV which is a pain in the ass, but if you have a MoneyButton wallet or want to set one up, it can be done.

I did it this way for a few reasons. One, because I love the idea of bypassing gatekeepers with the content. Two, because I love to experiment with new stuff. Three, because this keeps it a little more intimate, just like the paid newsletter.


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